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Pew Center for Civic Journalism

Last accessed: 12/06/2004

The Pew Centre is a place where civic journalism experiments that are undertaken by the media can be brought to the fore. The project helps print and broadcast news organisations experiment with ways to reconnect to their communities and engage their citizens in dialogue and problem solving.

Poynter Institute

Last accessed: 12/06/2004

The Poynter Institute is a world renowned school for 'journalists, future journalists and teachers of journalists'.

Society of Professional Journalists

Last accessed: 07/05/2004

Dedicated to promoting freedom of the press, stimulating and promoting high standards of excellence in the practice of journalism and encourage diversity in journalism.

Resource for Journalists of Southern Africa

Online articles/resources

Public Journalism and the Problem of Objectivity
Philip Meyer - University of North Carolina
Last accessed: 12/06/2004

In-depth look at the issues of objectivity which are questioned when undertaking public or advocacy journalism. The author details the principles of public journalism and why it can still uphold the notion of objectivity and good journalism.

Advocacy Journalism

Sue Careless - The Interim

Last accessed: 12/06/2004

A paper written by the author after being asked to speak on a panel addressing advocacy journalism during the Canadian Association of Journalists annual conference. The paper discusses the difference between traditional and advocacy journalism, the rules for advocacy journalism and why advocacy journalism is so important.

Public Journalism: Where It Has Been; Where It Is Headed

David Merritt - International Media and Democracy Project

Last accessed: 12/06/2004

An article recounting the author's personal experience of advocating advocacy journalism and discussing the current state of advocacy journalism as well as the principles and role of advocacy journalism in the world today.


Atton. Chris. 2002. Alternative Media. London: Sage Publications Ltd.

An introduction to alternative media, which moves beyond radical media and addresses some of the more current alternative forms of media to be established, especially on the internet.

Glasser. Theodore L. 1999. The Idea of Public Journalism. New York: The Guilford Press.

An examination of public journalism as a controversial movement within the current media landscape. Distinguishes public journalism from mainstream journalism by defining it as promoting and improving the quality of public life rather than simply reporting on it.

Downing. John D.H. 2001. Radical Media. Rebellious Communication and Social Movements. London: Sage Publications, Inc.

Provides a theoretical perspective on social and cultural movements and argues that radical or alternative media should be integral to society's understanding of the media today.



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