Table of contents
Part 1
What are ICT and internet policies?
Part 2
The internet, markets and access
Part 3
National ICT and internet policy and regulation
Part 4
Specific issues in internet policy and regulation
Part 5
Organisations active in ICT

Table of contents

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Part 1. What are ICT and internet policies and why
should we care about them?

1. Information and communication technologies

2. What is ICT Policy?

3. Involvement in ICT Policy

Part 2. The internet, markets and access

2. Internet Basics

3. Internet economics: what things cost (in different countries) and who pays

4. Market structure, monopolies and multinationals

5. Network interconnections and exchanges

6. Regional differences: Africa, Asia, Europe, USA

7. Technical infrastructure of the internet and how that shapes governance

8. Market models for extending access

9. Access and infrastructure- social models for extending the reach of the internet

Part 3. National ICT and internet policy and regulation

10. A short history of telecommunications reform

11. ICT policy, legislation and regulation: tools for national development

12. Involving key players at a national level

13. The actors in international and regional internet and ICT policy

14. Guiding and governing the internet

15. Telecommunications regulation

16. Policy and regulatory issues

17. Decision-making processes

Part 4. Specific issues in internet policy and regulation

18. Gender

19. Intellectual property: free software and indigenous knowledge

20. Freedom of expression and censorship

21. Privacy and Security

22. Cybercrime, anti-terrorism legislation

23. Surveillance and data retention

24. Right to communicate

Part 5. Appendices

25. Organisations active in ICT policy (including CSOs)

26. Glossary

27. Bibliography

The "ICT Policy Handbook" was made possible with the support of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation.

Taken from
ICT Policy: A Beginner's Handbook
edited by Chris Nicol for APC

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